Tuesday, July 31, 2012



Grenada's Opposition Leader, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell has advised officials of GARFIN, the Grenada Authority for the regulation of Financial Institutions, that while his party, the New National Party, has no problem with the regulating of the Insurance industry, it cannot support the proposed new legislation which will impose a tax on insurance premium.

Speaking to the officials of GARFIN at a meeting held on Friday, July 27, 2012, Dr. Mitchell reiterated that his party and he himself, have no problem with regulating the insurance industry, especially since it was his party which brought in legislation to establish GARFIN, taking into account the need to ensure that the hard-earned deposits of the average man and woman in the country are adequately protected.

He said that his party remains committed to strong and effective regulations for the insurance industry, but that it cannot in principle support the imposition of an additional tax on the people or any action which will enable the Government to have access to people's money and to use it for its own purposes.

This is especially important in light of the Government poor record of economic and financial management, and the management of the country's affairs in general

The Opposition Leader is stressing that it is poor management which has contributed to the rapid decline in the economy, including the decline in investment, the flight of investors, the closure and downsizing of local businesses, the continuing loss of jobs and the inability of the economy to absorb the large number of young graduates who have now entered the job market.

He is advising that even with this very terrible economic and financial state that the country is in, the Government is not learning from its mistakes. It is still continuing the pattern of misguided policies and actions. An example is the recent purchase of a building for close to $2.0 million, even at a time when the Government is experiencing problems paying public servants, meeting its obligations to the poor and needy, and fulfilling other financial obligations.

This situation, he says, has left everyone, including the Government desperate. And because of this desperation, the Government is concocting various schemes to finance its direct operation and that if its entities.

This proposed tax and deposit are one more of these schemes. It will only impose more stress on business and bring more financial hardship to the already struggling people of the country.

Dr. Mitchell is saying that as a responsible Opposition, his party intends to carry out its responsibilities to the people with wisdom and caring, and without fear of favour.

It therefore cannot in good conscience, support the Bill as it will represent yet another imposition that will place even more burden on the backs of the Grenadian people.

Before the meeting ended, the Opposition Leader strongly advised the team, that rather than focussing on meeting the Opposition, GARFIN should instead meet with the Minister for Finance with a view to obtaining answers  to its questions and obtaining clarification regarding the rationale, the specific  provisions, the implementation and the potential impact of the proposed legislation. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Press Release - Purchase of Property



St. George, Grenada, July 25, 2012: Opposition Leader, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, has described the Government's recent purchase of property in the area of Upper Lucas Street, at a cost of $2 million, as inappropriate, untimely and irresponsible, particularly in light of the difficulties the Government has been experiencing in meeting its financial obligations, including paying public servants, on time and in a period in which many of the vulnerable and the growing numbers of the unemployed are struggling to make ends meet.


In addition Dr. Mitchell pointed out that this $2 million should have been used to provide some financing to GARFIN, instead of Government attempting to impose further burden on Insurance Policy Holders at this time.


The Opposition Leader is drawing attention to the fact that this is taking place when the entire country is going through trying times, when so many businesses are closing or sending workers home, when the new secondary school and TAMCC graduates have very little hope of finding rewarding jobs, and when the hotel and manufacturing sectors are crying out for rescue.


He says that for the Government to decide to spend $2 million on the purchase of property in such a difficult time is a demonstration of poor financial management and a total lack of concern for the peoples' plight and the country's future.

According to Dr. Mitchell "to use scarce resources to purchase property rather than directing it towards meeting the pressing needs of Government workers and the poor, or stimulating the economy,  at this time of unprecedented economic, financial and social problems is unconscionable as it is unforgivable".


Dr. Mitchell is calling on the Government to listen to the cry of the people, and to implement the measures that are urgently required to turn the economy around and bring much needed relief to the Grenadian people.


Until such time, he says, all purchases of property or other such wasteful spending should be suspended.







Saturday, July 21, 2012

Message from Mrs. Alexandra Otway-Noel

Fellow Grenadians, as a citizen of this Country it is your duty and your right to vote. If you do not take the time to register and play your part then you leave your future in someone else's hands. It is time to get off the fence and get registered. Grenada is in a very serious situation, every single one of us knows it, sees it and feels it and things continue to deteriorate.
The NNP team is working hard to find ways to alleviate the situation and soften the blow to the most destitute and vulnerable. Consider your neighbours and friends who are losing their homes and their Jobs and can't feed their families....I have taken the step to make a difference, I can't do it alone. Help us help Grenada.
This is not about playing politics this is about people's lives. GET INFORMED, GET REGISTERED AND WHEN THE TIME COMES, VOTE!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Press Release


ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, 6th July 2012:  A six team delegation headed by the Vice Chairman of the National People's Congress in China Mr. Chen Changzhi made a courtesy call to the Opposition Leader on Friday.

Dr. Mitchell welcomed Mr. Chen Changzi and his delegation to the Island of Grenada. He said that the relationship between China and Grenada have been one of great significance and hope that this would continue for the many years to come.


The Opposition Leader expressed sentiments concerning the relationship between the two countries when it was first re-established and stated that this was not done on behalf of his party or himself but for the Island and people of Grenada. Dr. Mitchell continued to recognize the important role China plays with the development and contribution given to many of the small Islands throughout the Caribbean including Grenada.


In discussing the area of sports, Dr. Mitchell stated his great desire to see the National Athletic Stadium be refurbished for the development of sports in the country. He stated that through this development, it would be an honour to see many more Kirani James make it in athletics international. The Opposition Leader also expressed the great contribution that China has given to Grenada through Agriculture, Health and Infrastructure, which is a great indication of China's commitment to assist with the development of Grenada.



Mr. Chen Changzhi, reiterated this sentiment and hoped that this relationship would continue for many more years to come. He also stated that all countries are equal whether big or small and we should continue to treat each other as equal.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Former Prime Minister to appear on Day Break Grenada

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, 13th July 2012:  Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition Dr. The Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell will make an appearance on Day Break Grenada on Monday July 16th, 2012 from 6:45 am to 7:15 am, on GBN TV channels 7 and 11.
According to Dr. Mitchell, he intends to use this opportunity to address general issues affecting Grenada and Grenadians. Among those will be the issue of a dying economy, social and political issues as well as the lack of transparency, accountability and poor governance in the Tillman Thomas Administration.
The Former Prime Minister said he will also put forward the intention of the Government in waiting.
Dr. Mitchell hopes that all Grenadians would tune in to listen to Day Break Grenada.

Press Release - United States Ambassador meets Dr. Mitchell





ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, 13th July 2012:  On Thursday June 28, 2012, the United States' Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean states, Ambassador Larry Leon Palmer,   made a courtesy call on, and held discussions with, Opposition Leader, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell at Dr. Mitchell's residence, Happy Hill, St. George.

The Ambassador was accompanied by the US Charge d' Affairs to Grenada, Mr. Bernard Link.

The Opposition Leader welcomed Ambassador Palmer to Grenada on behalf of his party and made reference to the very strong relationship that has been established and maintained between Grenada and the United States over the years.

Dr. Mitchell informed the Ambassador that the Grenadian people, and he himself,  will always remember, and will always be grateful for,  the tremendous support given to the country by the US Government and its people, after the devastation caused by  Hurricane Ivan in 2004.


He noted the US Government's financial contribution represented the highest by any Government at the time, noting that the country also benefitted tremendously from contributions by ordinary American citizens and Grenadians living in the United States.


In further discussions, Dr. Mitchell made special mention of the economic challenges faced by Grenada and other countries in the region. He stressed on the importance of the leadership and the people ensuring that all opportunities to ease the burden on the people are fully grasped if the region is to meet these challenges successfully.


With specific reference to Grenada, Dr. Mitchell also addressed the matter of concern regarding the inefficient functioning of the new voter registration system and the negative effects that this can have on the electoral process.  He noted that the difficulties being experienced are making the exercise very difficult for many voters.


As a result, voters are expressing deep frustration about, among other things, the length of time given to register, the insufficiency of required equipment and materials, the carrying out of the process in an election atmosphere, and the lack of adequate numbers of sufficiently trained personnel to manage the process.


He further stated while he does not expect the Government of the United States to be involved in the internal affairs of Grenada,  his party would be writing to the relevant US Government agencies  concerning this situation, the intention being to ensure that the Grenadian people are not,  in any way, hindered in the exercise of their democratic rights.


Ambassador Palmer indicated that he looks forward to receiving the letter and would treat it with the high level of importance that it deserves.


The Ambassador thanked Dr. Mitchell for his warm welcome and for agreeing to meet with him.


He issued an invitation to Dr. Mitchell to meet with him during any future trips that he makes to Barbados.






Press Release - Former Prime Minister to appear on Day Break Grenada

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stalwarts of the New National Party Awarded

Monday 9th July, 2012 : The New National Party has celebrated its 28th year in existence with the staging of its 25th Annual Convention at the St. Andrew Anglican Secondary School (SAASS) on Sunday 8th July 2012. The party which is presently preparing itself for General Elections was in an upbeat mood at the Convention which was followed by a massive rally at the nearby Telescope Playing Field.
The convention held under the theme: Reviewing our Past, Charting our Future. NNP – The Only Answer attracted some four hundred delegates from every part of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique monitored by several hundred observers providing a fresh mandate to the New National Party Executive with only minor changes in the composition of floor members and in the position of Assistant Recording Secretary where former parliamentarian and government minister, Mrs. Brenda Hood replaced Mr. Stan Phillip who was elected as a floor member of the party. Dr. Keith Mitchell was returned unopposed as Political Leader as was the majority of positions on the executive as follows: 
Mr. Gregory Bowen
Mr. Kenny Lalsingh
Deputy Chairman
The Rt. Hon Dr. Keith Mitchell
Political Leader
Hon. Elvin Nimrod
Deputy Political Leader
Hon. Roland Bhola
General Secretary
Hon. Dr. Clarice Modeste
Assistant General Secretary
Mr. Steve Horsford
Recording Secretary
Mrs. Brenda Hood
Assistant Recording Secretary
Mr. Anthony Boatswain
Mr. Terrence Forrester
Public Relations Officer
Mr. Winston Garraway
Labour Relations Officer
Mrs. Joy Mancini
Welfare Officer
Mr. Oswald Gilbert
Floor Member
Prescott Swan
Floor Member
Mr. Cletus St Paul
Floor Member
Richard Mc Phail
Floor Member
David Stan Phillip
Floor Member
Mr. Bassanio Nicholas
Floor Member
James Stafford
Floor Member

In his statement at the completion of the convention Political Leader Dr. the rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell spoke to the delegates and observers gathered about the importance of the registration process. He also referred to the fact that many Grenadians had not taken the opportunity over the past six months to ensure that they are registered to vote come Election Day whenever it is called. He called on the members of his party to pay particular attention to the voter registration process and  to constituency organizational work while working with the magnificent team of men and women who comprise the united team of the New National Party.
The Convention was followed by a Massive Rally at the Telescope Playing Field where thousands of Grenadians came together to participate in the rescue mission and hear the message of hope from the New National Party who did not disappoint them. Two times Member of Parliament and General Secretary of the Party Honorable Roland Bhola spoke on the issue of Agriculture and Fisheries while there were also presentations on the Economy by Senator Anthony Boatswain and on Legal and Foreign Affairs by Honorable Elvin Nimrod.  The activity ended with a wide ranging presentation by the Political Leader and Former Prime Minister Dr. the Rt. Honorable Keith Mitchell where he outlined the way forward for the party and country and the NNP's vision for the development of Grenada.
This Convention and Rally follows on the heels of several major activities by the New National Party for the first half of 2012 including major rallies in Gouyave St. John and in Carriacou as the party continues to place itself on an election footing. The photos and videos of the Convention and Rally can be seen at
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